Bubby Club

Bubby Yemini Lots of love to Dovi, Tzvi & Yehuda!

Bubby Glicken For my dear grandsons!

Savta Rav-Noy In honor of my Chassidishe grandchildren! Hatzlacha and success in your learning.

Bubbie Stillman In honor of the Board.

Bubby Deitch We consider ourselves extremely blessed and fortunate to have Mendel and Zalman Bryski as our grandsons—who could want better?

Bubby Estulin For the excellent Chassidishe education my grandsons are receiving.

Savta Amrami All my love to you, Ruvi, from your Savta Kim!!

Bubby Spalter With all my love.

Bubby Ferszt So proud of you Mendel and Chaim Morris! Love, Bubby.

Bubby Rosenthal In honor of our grandson, Levi Schapiro, may he grow to be a chassid, a yirei shamayim and a lamden.

Bubby Goldman Thank you boys for always making bubby so proud! Keep up the great work! Love, Bubby.

Bubby Lerner Yasher Koach and lots of love to Levi and Yaakov Cohen, all our Lerner, Andrusier, Cunin and Cohen grandchildren and a thank you to Cheder Menachem for providing such incredible chinuch. Bubby and Zaidy Lerner.

Bubby Kirschenbaum In honor of my beautiful ayniklach, Mendel & Zev! We are so proud of you!!

Imma Parks Chassidishe Nachas like the Rebbe MH"M wants, B"EH Yisbarach Shmo La'ad.

Bubby Levin Avi, we love you so much and are proud of your accomplishments! May you always go M'Chayil El Chayil!

Bubby Baitz To our dear grandkids, Schneur, Levi and Dovi Berger. Keep making us so proud of you all! We love you, Bubby and Zaidy!

Bubby Dauer We appreciate the wonderful teachers and staff for all they give to our beloved grandchildren. Moshiach Now! Drs. Dauer.

Bubby Gorovitz To all the Chayalim of Cheder Menachem, we salute you! Bring Moshiach Now!

Ima Tessler Efi, you give me so much Nachas and pride and joy. Continue M'Chayil el Chayil as a chayal.

Bubby Lipsker To my wonderful grandsons, Moishe and Elie: Lots and lots of Hatzlacha in your learning. Love you so much! Bubby Faige.

Bubby Munitz To all our darling grandchildren, May you go always M'Chayil El Chayil and grow Gezunterheit in every good way, B'gashmiyus U'bruchniyus Gam Yachad! We love you!

Bubby Feiner Zaidy & I have tremendous Yiddish & Chassidish Nachas from you all, B"H!

Bubby Schreiber In honor of my grandchildren!

Bubby Cohen Avi, you are so special to me!! Love, Bubby Cohen.

Bubby Mochkin In honor of Mendel & Zalman Mochkin!

Bubby RivkinGo Mendel & Sholom! Love Bubby & Zaidy.

Bubby Tenenbaum I am so proud to be your Bubby! Keep up the great work!

Bubby Shusterman Deepest gratitude to the outstanding staff. Thank you for giving our children a chassidishe chinuch with love!

Bubby Handler Dear Levi, I love you very much! Continue in your good midos and learning Torah! I am so proud of you!! Love Bubby Schapiro Handler.

Bubby Baitelman In honor of my deal aineklach. Love, Bubby Baitelman.

Bubby Schwartz In honor of my grandchildren at Cheder Menachem: Mayshe Schwartz, Shmully Schwartz, Zali Schwartz, Shalom Shallman and Dovid Shallman.

Bubby Wilhelm Continue making your Bubby and Zeidy Wilhelm and the Rebbe proud of you!! We love seeing your name on the Talmid Hashavua list. Keep it up!!

Bubby Greenwald Boruch Hashem we are filled with chassidisher nachas and are proud of Isaacs aceivements.

Grandma Marcantonio Sending wishes for another successful year at Cheder. Miss you so much!